Why Pershing Hills is the Best Choice for Your Child’s Elementary Education in Lagos.

Best Schools in Lekki, Your Child's best choice

Pershing Hills, Lagos’ Top Choice Elementary Education.

When your child is in their formative years, learning how to walk, talk, interact with shapes, identify colours, and discover the world around them, are things that excite them. And according to experts, the quality of Elementary education that your child gets at this stage of their lives, greatly determines how far and how well their skills would develop in the coming years. That being said, Pershing Hills Elementary prides itself on being one of the best elementary schools located in Lekki, Lagos with an updated Montessori education curriculum. At Pershing Hills, every child receives hands-on learning from kindergarten to grade 12 education and also experiences the best childcare facilities.

So, what makes Pershing Hills the best choice for your child’s elementary education?

  • Pershing Hills is a place where children grow academically, physically, socially and mentally.
  • Our system has embedded in it a dedication to making a difference in Montessori education.
  • From indoor engaging learning activities that utilize hands-on materials and real-life experiences to help children understand abstract concepts, a hybrid curriculum, using the American Montessori and British curricula to engaging extracurricular activities, Pershing Hills sets itself apart from other Elementary schools in Lagos to give your child a sound education.
  • We aim to go beyond just basic preschool and elementary learning to a more effective approach thereby setting your child up for success on the global scale.

Beyond indoor learning, Pershing Hills collaborates with thought leaders and industry experts to bring the outside world to your child in a positive and enlightening way, nurturing curiosity and growing potential at an early age. As an elementary school with STEM programs, Pershing Hills Elementary exposes children to the best of science and tech to get them ready for the future. 

We also go beyond just the learning setting by establishing a 360º feedback loop with each parent to ensure a tailored learning experience for every child. With individualized teaching, we blend our curriculum with every child’s needs, learning pace and styles. 

Pershing Hills sits as one of the top 100 elementary schools in Nigeria and is trusted by hundreds of parents who believe their children have a lot of potential to bring to the world. Enrol your child at Pershing Hills Elementary today and watch them blossom in a nurturing environment designed to unlock their full potential.

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