Every Dream Starts with a Solid Foundation: Build Your Child's Academic Future at the Best School in Lekki

Are you a Parent looking for academic excellence for your children?

Looking for the best private nursery and primary school in Lekki – Lagos, Nigeria? Pershing Hills Elementary School in Lekki is arguably the ranked as the Best School in Lekki, White Sand, Abijo, and Ibeju -Lekki areas of Lagos.

Do you ever dream of your child soaring through life, reaching their full potential?

Perhaps you see them confidently presenting a research project in college, tackling complex equations with ease, or leading their team to victory in a debate competition.

These dreams are fueled by a strong academic foundation. It’s the bedrock upon which a love of learning is built, curiosity flourishes, and future success takes root. At Pershing Hills Elementary, we understand the importance of this foundation, and we’re dedicated to nurturing it in every child.

Our story is about more than numbers

Being the best school in lekki transcends the classroom to igniting a passion for wholistic learning, fostering critical thinking skills, and building a love of exploration within every child. We believe in a holistic approach that cultivates not just academic prowess, but also social-emotional well-being and a growth mindset. 

We're proud of our students' achievements, but our focus goes beyond just test scores.

Imagine your child walking into a Pershing Hills classroom. Engaged teachers guide them through interactive lessons, cater to different learning styles, and celebrate each child’s unique strengths. The environment is one of collaboration, exploration, and intellectual curiosity. This is where the magic happens.

Pershing Hills’ proven track record is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence. However, our true success lies in the countless stories of students who have not only achieved top scores but also developed a lifelong love of learning.

Ready to build a strong foundation

for your child's future?

Contact Pershing Hills Elementary, Lekki today to learn more about our curriculum, dedicated teachers, and supportive environment. Let’s work together to nurture your child’s academic dreams!