Juggling Work and Family?

Pershing Hills School is Your Child's Happy Place: Acclaimed as the Best Creche School in Lekki

The morning scramble. Lunchbox forgotten. Traffic woes. The struggle to balance work and family life is real. We understand, because at Pershing Hills Elementary, many of our parents are working heroes


Imagine this:

You kiss your child goodbye, confident they’re entering a safe, enriching environment where their day has just begun. No frantic after-school pick-up rush. No worries about unsupervised hours. At Pershing Hills, our extended care programs offer a seamless extension of the school day, providing peace of mind for busy parents and a nurturing environment for your child.

Ready to find peace of mind and a

nurturing environment for your child?

Contact Pershing Hills Elementary today to learn more about our extended care programs. Let us help you create a balanced and enriching learning experience for your child.