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A Place Where Potential Thrives

Welcome to Pershing Hills Elementary

We have been at the forefront of educating children as the best Montessori school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria since 2019. We are constantly evolving, but our aim remains unchanged: to educate and raise inquisitive and independent children, to help them achieve their ambition and to prepare them for a future filled with diverse opportunities.

We educate the younger children through the Montessori method while the Elementary are taught using the International Primary Curriculum and a mix of the Montessori Teaching method. This curriculum helps children achieve clearly defined goals and the milestones children are expected to achieve during their preschool and elementary years. We also have an interactive feedback loop in place which enables parents to be a part of their children’s day-to-day school activities.

We are a top-notch educational institution which offers continuity of education and development for your children at all levels.

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Our Philosophy

A Tradition Of Excellence


Delivering consistent learning experience to every child.


To create a prepared environment that builds a well-formed child positioned to thrive in the years ahead.

Our Values

Lifelong Learning

Child Development & Education

At Pershing Hills, we understand that the same way every child has different needs and interests is the same way every parent has different hopes and dreams for their child. Hence, we have made a commitment towards working with parents to ensure that their children achieve the necessary developmental milestones that will help them thrive in the years ahead.

At Pershing Hills, we speak a language of consistency across our classes, and our teachers have clarity as to their roles. We put a bit of ourselves into creating our spaces because we care about our parents and our children. We create an active feedback loop between teachers and parents as part of our commitment.


Academic success

At Pershing Hills, we understand that all children and parents have different needs and interests, hence, our commitment towards working with parents to ensure their children achieve the necessary developmental milestones that will help them thrive in years ahead.

High Quality Materials

We have quality Montessori materials that appeals to the learning interest of each child. Our teaching method is geared towards the development and achievement of each child based on their learning requirement.

Prepared Environment

Because we understand the need for children to be in charge of their environment, our materials are neatly and properly placed to ensure accessibility for children. Our environment is prepared in a way that puts the children first.

Highly Experienced Faculty

We have experienced faculty who are continuously trained and developed to embrace changes in the education system. Our caregivers are also well-trained to provide a homely impression to the children.

360 Feedback Loop

To ensure parental involvement, we use an app to keep parents informed about their children's school activities and provide DIY Montessori activities for home reinforcement.

Partnership with Parents

We encourage our parent’s participation in all school activities, we encourage constructive feedback, and we always appreciate suggestions from parents about what we can do better.


We promote inclusion across all our classes. Our educators ensure each child is included in daily school activities, and we communicate with children from a place of love and respect.

At Pershing Hills Elementary, we are committed to giving our children a place for self-expression, independence, creativity, and also help them build  memorable experiences.

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Where Curiosity Thrives and Futures Take Flight

Our dedicated teachers and engaging curriculum empower young minds to develop critical thinking skills, explore their creativity, and become confident lifelong learners.