Top School in Lekki
Where Potential Takes Flight

At Pershing Hills, we believe in the power of a gentle start

Pershing Hills Elementary is a top school in Lekki that offers a blended Nigerian & British curricula, equipping students with advanced level of education.

A place where their curiosity is ignited, their talents are nurtured, and their potential soars. At Pershing Hills Elementary, we offer more than just an elementary education; we offer a launchpad for a bright future.

Lekki boasts many schools, but Pershing Hills stands out.

We understand the unique needs of Nigerian children and are committed to providing a world-class education that surpasses the ordinary. Here’s why Pershing Hills Elementary is the perfect fit for your child:

Every little step is a giant leap towards a bright future!

Ready to launch your child on an

unforgettable elementary education journey?

Contact Pershing Hills Elementary today to schedule a tour and experience the difference for yourself. Let us guide your child on a path of discovery, nurturing their potential and preparing them for a bright future.