The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and privacy of all Pershing Hills Elementary community members. We respect the right to privacy of each individual, and therefore, anyone within our community has the right to choose not to appear in photographs or videos taken on or off school premises.


Photographs and videos captured at Pershing Hills Elementary should not compromise the dignity or privacy of the school, students, parents, staff, visitors, or the broader school community. When showcasing student achievements, we aim to involve parents as much as possible. We encourage parents to capture photos and videos of their own children during school events, activities, or performances once the respective event has concluded.

Parents are permitted to record videos and take pictures of their children during school events, such as birthdays and assemblies. However, to maintain child protection and safeguarding measures, we prohibit strangers from doing so. Visitors to the school are also not allowed to record videos or take pictures. Parents are responsible for exercising discretion when sharing these media online and should seek permission from other parents if their children appear in the same photo or video (e.g., on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Upon signing the Admission Acceptance Form or agreeing to these terms and conditions, parents grant the school permission to use photographs or images of their child for promotional materials such as the prospectus, website, or social media, as well as for educational purposes within the curriculum or extracurricular activities.

It’s important to note that we do not disclose the home address of any student without the explicit consent of the parents. If parents do not wish their child’s photograph or image to be featured in the school’s promotional materials, they must inform the student and notify the Head Teacher in writing immediately. An acknowledgement of their letter will be provided. To protect our students, we do not include their surnames in the school’s weekly newsletter or any other school-related publications.


Occasionally, the school may invite external photographers/videographers to capture award ceremonies for students who have participated in school competitions. Only students involved in the event will be photographed or recorded. The school will arrange a meeting with the responsible person to ensure compliance with all safeguarding standards. While children’s first names may be used in external publications, their surnames will not be disclosed. The photographer/videographer should wear a school badge after signing in and will be supervised by a staff member during their time at the school. Before leaving the premises, all pictures/videos will be reviewed by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, and/or HR.