Payment is due before resumption or on the first day of the month for the children attending daycare. It must be understood that to hold your child’s space, payment must be made whether your child attends or not. Payment is based on contract, not attendance.

Payment in the Nursery and the Elementary section is due on the first day of resumption however, parents will be given a grace period of one week after resumption following which the school is compelled to refuse access to the school’s premises for the child.

The school has a payment plan which is applicable to 5% of the student population of the school on a termly basis. This is on a first come first serve basis.


During the registration process, it is important for Pershing Hills Elementary School to know all details about both parent/carer(s). This includes details about who does or does not have parental responsibility as this will avoid difficult situations that may arise at a later date.

Pershing Hills requests that all details be included on the child registration form. If a parent does not have parental responsibility or has a court order in place to prevent this, Pershing Hills Elementary needs a copy of this documentation for the child’s records.

If a child is registered by one parent of a separated family, Pershing Hills Elementary requests that all details relating to the child and other parent are disclosed wherever possible, e.g. court orders, or injunctions. This will allow Pershing Hills Elementary to have all the appropriate information in order to support the child fully.

Pershing Hills Elementary will:

  • Ensure the child’s welfare is paramount in all operations relating to their time within Pershing Hills Elementary
  • Comply with any details of a Court Order where they are applicable to Pershing Hills Elementary’s situation, provided Pershing Hills Elementary has seen a copy/has a copy attached to the child’s file
  • Provide information on the child’s progress within Pershing Hills Elementary to both parent/carer(s)
  • Ensure that all matters known by the staff pertaining to the family and the parent’s separation shall remain confidential
  • Ensure that no member of staff takes sides within the separation and treats both parent/carer(s) equally and with due respect.

Pershing Hills Elementary cannot restrict access to any parent with parental responsibility unless a formal Court Order is in place. We respectfully ask that parents/carers (s) do not put us in this position.