At Pershing Hills, we ensure that Parents are constantly informed about school events through the following ways:

  • Communication App: the communication app helps carry parents along regarding the day-to-day activities of their child(ren). Progress reports are also sent through the app. Teachers sometimes send out information regarding school events through the app.
  • Emailing: Parents are also informed about the information they need to know through mail. This information includes newsletters, invitations, school calendars, event dates etc.
  • SMS/WhatsApp: due to some parents’ complaints about not constantly checking emails, the school decided to make parents aware of important information through either SMS/WhatsApp.
  • Newsletters: the school’s newsletter is published monthly and a final one is published on the last day of school. The Head of School, Head of Education, Class teachers and subject teachers regularly contribute both articles and information about school events.
  • Communication is sent by way of Thank You to parents after visiting our school for the first time.
  • Mails are sent to Parents 2 weeks before any School event to ensure adequate notice is given for preparation
  • Complaints from Parents are sent and attended to via
  • Social media handles are closely monitored, and timely responses are required of staff.
  • A daily report on communication is sent to the director to ensure prompt dissemination of information or parent feedback where necessary.