Pershing Hills Makes It To Top 100 in Nigeria!!

Fueling Nigeria's Future: Pershing Hills makes Business Days Top 100 Fastest Growing SMEs!

The vibrant halls of Pershing Hills Elementary reverberate with the joyous melody of learning and discovery. And on December 1st 2023, this symphony of educational excellence resonated even louder as we received a prestigious distinction:

Pershing Hills has been named one of the top 100 Fastest Growing SMEs in Nigeria at the renowned BusinessDay event!

This accolade is not merely an award; it’s a powerful recognition of our unwavering commitment to educational innovation and nurturing young minds. It highlights the impact of our unique blend of the British National Curriculum and the Montessori approach, a symphony that guides our students on their journey towards academic excellence and holistic development.

Cultivating Brilliance, Recognized Among the Best:

Securing a place among the top 100 fastest-growing SMEs in Nigeria underscores the remarkable strides we’ve taken as a school. From curating a personalized learning experience for each child to providing a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity and collaboration, we’ve redefined the very essence of elementary education.
This distinction goes beyond numbers; it reflects the countless smiles that bloom through personalized learning, the confidence ignited by leadership opportunities, and the joyful exploration of knowledge that takes place within our classrooms.

Building Futures, Not Just Bricks and Mortar:

Our mission extends far beyond academic excellence. We believe in fostering social and emotional well-being, embracing inclusivity, and empowering our students to become responsible citizens. Our burgeoning community stands as a testament to this mission, as families choose Pershing Hills not only for the rigorous curriculum but also for the values we instill and the future we help shape.

Soaring Forward, Fueled by Recognition:

This recognition fuels our passion and propels us forward with renewed momentum. We remain dedicated to nurturing young minds, cultivating potential, and inspiring a generation of confident, compassionate leaders. We are honored to be counted among Nigeria’s top 100 fastest-growing SMEs, and we pledge to continue soaring towards excellence, one bright smile and ignited mind at a time.

Come, discover the magic of Pershing Hills Elementary – a school where brilliance takes flight, now recognized as one of Nigeria’s top 100 rising stars!

Contact us today and join us on this extraordinary journey!

Pershing Hills Elementary: Dream, Believe, Excel.


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