Violet Uba - Pershing Hills Elementary

Mrs. Violet S. Ubah

  • Mrs. Violet, currently the Head of School at Pershing Hills Elementary, is an educationist with over 34 years of experience in teaching.

  • She is committed to aligning with the school’s vision and achieving its goals, fostering a positive and conducive work environment. Mrs. Violet emphasizes cultivating leadership qualities and professional ethics among staff, ensuring overall efficiency in the school’s operations towards its objectives.

  • Mrs. Violet holds a BSc in Botany from the University of Madras and both a BEd and MEd in Education from Annamalai University, South India.

  • Before joining Pershing Hills Elementary, she served as the school principal at Strong Tower Academy and Caleb Group of Schools, respectively.

  • Her extensive experience and dedication to educational excellence make her a vital asset in guiding Pershing Hills Elementary towards continued success.