Izehi Anuge - Pershing Hills Elementary

Mrs. Izehi Anuge

  • Izehi Anuge is a values educator and social entrepreneur with over eight years of experience in aligning actions, behavior, and choices with core values.

  • As the Founder and Group Managing Director of Shape A Child, she leads a values-based education and consultancy organization dedicated to empowering individuals and transforming communities. Her innovative approach engages minds and shapes the future, providing tools, resources, and training for diverse groups, including children, teenagers, young professionals, parents, teachers, and educational institutions.

  • Izehi has created a range of products and programs designed to foster social-emotional and behavioral development. These include the “Captain Excellence” book series, values-based jigsaw puzzles, animations, and discussion cards for teens.

  • She has also developed values-based curricula and workshops that incorporate 21st-century skills and social development goals. Recognized for her dedication and impact, Izehi serves as a World Values Day Schools Ambassador and was the lead author for the education task force at the V20, G20 summit in 2023.

  • Her work exemplifies a commitment to creating a values-driven future for the next generation.