Mr. Ewaen Sorae

  • Ewaen Sorae is a dynamic and visionary leader with a distinguished record in business and community development.

  • Born in Benin City, Nigeria, Ewaen’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Benin and a Master’s in Marketing Management from the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

  • He began his career in finance, excelling at Provident Financial Group in the UK, and later founded several successful businesses, including Esorae Home and WhiteTree Retail. Innovative strategies and significant contributions to local economies mark his entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Ewaen’s commitment to educational excellence and his philanthropic efforts through the Esorae Foundation, which provides scholarships and skill-building initiatives for underprivileged children, underscore his dedication to fostering inclusive growth and community development. His strategic vision and integrity make him a transformative leader, driving Pershing Hills Elementary towards continued success.