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A Well Rounded Education

At Pershing Hills Elementary we provide a well-rounded education that prepares our children for the real world. We help them understand the need for constant learning, relearning, and unlearning, we help foster their interest in various activities as we prepare them for real-life challenges and successes and also ensure they are not only self-reliant but self-confident.

In our quest to provide quality education, our curriculum has been strategically developed to provide a holistic programme which is learner-focused, facilitates learning for all, and also churns out globally competent learners. I welcome you to become a part of the Pershing Family.

Iyobosa Sorae

About Our School

At Pershing Hills Elementary, we are committed to giving our children a place for self-expression, independence, and creativity, and also helping them build memorable experiences. We understand that all children and parents have different needs and interests, hence, our commitment towards working with parents to ensure their children achieve the necessary developmental milestones that will help them thrive in years ahead.

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Iyobosa Sorae

Director, Board of Trustees, Pershing Hills Elementary

Violet Uba - Pershing Hills Elementary

Violet S. Ubah

Head of School, Pershing Hills Elementary

Kate E. Anenih

Head of Operations, Pershing Hills Elementary

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